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To me, this is a super interesting topic because I have so many. When I moved to Los Angeles I realized how different everyone’s realities can be. It opened my eyes to the diversity of people’s perceptions. Until then I didn’t have too many deal breakers – If I’m being honest with myself, I hadn’t experienced that much.

I took my mindset for granted; I assumed that something so simple and something so morally “obvious” is how most people thought. So it forced me to start thinking about my own perception. How right am I? How wrong am I?

Let me share with you how this ideology applies to what we’re trying to accomplish with the app.

People are diverse. Because of this it would stand to reason that their needs for safety are equally as diverse. When we think of “deal breakers”, we tend to think of the things we really don’t like or want in our lives with people. The end-all. Deal breakers are a variant of our safety being compromised, in a way. They can be signals to something more serious and signs that something just isn’t right. If you want to get out of a date or find the safest way home because you have a bad feeling, you should have something that adapts to your current situation. I believe that people are truthfully trying to create something helpful but the reason there is nothing really excellent is because(when I go online and try to find something) all I see are catch-alls. One-size-fits-all. And this just isn’t going to fill the void.

How do we keep these things out of our lives and how do we deal with them when they arise? That’s where the flexibility of the app needs to come in.

Approaching the subject:

I think in a world where we(myself included) need some form of technology to do every little thing, we often overlook what’s been around for millions of years – Communication. It’s at the heart of almost every question we have when it comes to people. Sometimes instead of talking with our partner about a problem we might even look at Yahoo Answers for a logical reason for a problem. Anything to avoid a direct solution. Instead, having a soulful conversation could really get to the root of it. I’ve made a decision to not look for an “out”. I believe that by simply talking to people we can gather what we need to build something as diverse as its users.

We can get something that adapts and evolves with you. Something that allows flexibility in your life and responds to your needs in the moment. Here are some questions for you to think about. I’ll come back with a video next week of someone answering them.

  • What is your number one dealbreaker on a first date? What about over time? – anything you know you couldn’t live with day in, day out?
  • How do you feel when you’re on a date and want to leave? Is there something you would do or would stay?
  • Have you ever “went to the bathroom” to ditch a date completely? What gut instinct made you feel like you had to leave?

That’s it for this week! Thanks so much for stopping by!



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