Happy ValenTinder Day

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Happy ValenTinder-Bumble-coffeeshop-or-however-you’re-finding-your-date Day! Well, I mean, if that’s your thing. Not everyone is super stoked on V-Day and not everyone wants to celebrate it.  Totally understandable. Just the stress of living up to someone else’s standard of what a perfect V-Day date is can spark a meltdown for some. Not to mention dealing with way more people than usual if you decide to go out. Plussss the extra costs associated with it.

But you know what, I personally like the idea of any holiday that promotes good shit like love and chivalry. Forget the over-promoted and commercialized version of Valentine’s Day that some of us have grown to hate. Let’s try to remember being in middle school, receiving that V-Day card in the 4th grade from Jessica. Something with a train on it and it only cost Jessica a dollar for that card and single piece of glued-on heart candy that said, “I ❤ U”.

As with everything in life, make it what YOU want it to be. If you’re in a long-term relationship and you know your partner really well, it’s a perfect opportunity to show some effort. Effort goes a long way. It turned Jessica’s 1 dollar into true love for this little 4th grader. It meant something.

So let’s scour all the dating apps for a date! I know most of you know about Bumble and Tinder and POF, etc but here’s a breakdown of the features and reasons you might want to try each one anyway.


Been around for a little while and most people are convinced this app is for hook-ups only. My personal experience hasn’t been that, however. I have dated 2 people, for longer than 1 1/2 years, and in Los Angeles. “Super like” someone to stand out, swipe for yes or no and message them. Basic and straight to the point. My Rating: 6/10


A lot of peeps don’t know this but Bumble was started by the same crew that made Tinder. No surprise, then, why it’s also so successful. Just because it’s the same creators doesn’t mean it’s the same thing though. A lot of women prefer Bumble over Tinder because the woman has to message first for the guy to be able to reply. In a girl-girl or guy-guy situation, either can message first. Even though you can still find good people on Tinder or any other app (apart from Ashley Madison >:| ), I have found more people that fit my particular moral compass a bit closer on Bumble over Tinder. My Rating: 8/10


One of the originals, beginning in 1995, Match.com and its app prides itself in being the catalyst for the most amount of matches, relationships and marriages. Definitely geared more towards people looking for a more serious thing. I’d say if you’re not having much luck on the rest to give this one a shot. My Rating: 7/10

Plenty of Fish

POF has a TON of users. We’re talking 100 million people and 4 million log-ins per day. Compare this with Tinder’s 50 million users. And keep in mind, most people on POF are a little more serious about finding an actual person and not a one-night stand. Those people, of course, exist on every dating site but the amount of work to answer questions and fill out a more complete profile automatically weeds out the especially lazy people. I’ve personally had good results on POF but only used it for a few months. My Rating: 8/10


Seems to be the #1 choice for gay men looking to find someone quickly. Never used it but I did download it to check out the user interface to write about it. It seemed easy enough to navigate and use but I’m afraid the stats you get from me won’t be too useful. For this, I looked around to see what others were saying.

I wouldn’t exactly say this is for true love. Everything about how it’s described and the nature of it, all the way to the mask of anonymity, says it’s a hookup locator. My gay friends said the same. No rating from me ’cause I haven’t really used it.


I like the idea of this one. It matches you with friends of friends. People you miiight know but not necessarily your friends. I like this because you can check with the person you do know to find out a little bit of undercover stuff about your new match. You also only get a limited amount per day so you aren’t laying in bed swiping all night when you can’t sleep (guilty). Despite how I feel of the idea, I have personally had no good results on here. I’ve never met anyone from Hinge – compared with 70+ dates on Tinder/ Bumble.

My Rating: 7/10


Sounds a little creepy and is a little creepy.. but maybe not as creepy as I thought.  When you open the app you’re greeted by a collection of other users you’ve physically crossed paths with throughout your day. If you both pass by a laundromat it will show what time you did. This app gets confusing for me when I go into a grocery store, the gym and oh my god when I DRIVE AROUND. I feel like there should be a better way to temper it so it only shows people after a certain amount of time. I have gotten to meet a lot of my neighbors this way, though! Pretty cool if you are always in the same areas. Again, a little weird anytime an app geo-locates you and tells the world but not quite as scary as I predicted. My Rating: 6/10

Coffee Meets Bagel

Cool but not if you’re impatient. My impatience grew exponentially with this app, personally. I’ve heard of many people meeting on here and having it go really well but you only get matched up with a couple people a day. I think the idea is quality over quantity and getting rid of the “swipe games”. My Rating: 5/10

This isn’t supposed to be an unabridged list of dating apps. It’s actually not even a full list of the ones I’ve used. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve used almost every single one of them.

When it comes to the Safe Zone App and its release, it’s important to note the distinction between our app and dating apps. The Safe Zone App will not be a dating app. Something I will briefly touch on now is what benefit this means for people using dating apps. I am in no way a competition for any dating app out there. This means that dating apps and services can become a partnership. This is an entire thing I’m excited to share with you but for now all I will say is to think of SZ as a tool that makes your experience on the date and when you use these apps – safer and better.

That’s it for now! Catch us on Instagram for date ideas, bar picks, safety tips, self-defense products and celebrity quotes and more.
Stay safe and see ya next week!

OH, and it’s also Taco Tuesday! An important combination to note because..




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  1. Much appreciated. One thing to note about the pp, however, is that it can be used by anyone for any situation where they want to feel safer. Solo road trip, walking to get coffee late at night, etc. Thanks for stopping by, Darla! 🙂


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