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In this post I want to take a step back for a sec. I got some feedback and it made me think I might need to do a better job of explaining some things.

I’m a straight(for the most part) male and have a limited perspective on the dangers and safety needs of certain demographics. I’m simply NOT certain people and would never pretend to be. The complexity of women still confuses me and there are lifestyles that are not my own that I can never comprehend. The last thing I want is for what I’m doing here to come across like I KNOW what women, the LGBTQ community and others needs. I want the deep roots of this journey to be in the feedback and insights from others with those real experiences. Right now I am working on getting it out to as many people as I can and getting to the truth of these things. My proxy, Kati, has been a wonderful source for this and has been guiding me as I push content out and work on other stuff behind the scenes. My ego has very little to do with this undertaking and I will be the first to let it be known that I don’t know it all – Not even close.

I don’t want to be another male who thinks he knows what women need and want.

Which is where the next part of it comes in. Yes, one of the bigger demographics that this tool will be suited to are women. But no, this is not only for women. If you’re a straight male, for instance, there is absolutely no reason why you can’t make use of this tool if you see its value for you. There will be nothing in it that limits its usability based on who you are. I’ve been keeping it vague and getting responses like “what IS it, exactly??”. Never my intention to be Mr. Mystery. When I release things I just don’t want it to be biased by how I’ve described it before. I want you to see it, make your own judgment call and tell me what you think.

Really soon I’ll push things out and try my best to just listen to what you’re all saying. If people see it for themselves and don’t “get it” then it’s time for me to make changes until it makes sense. And that’s how I’ll be approaching the entire process; for you. Not an egotistical idea of what I think you need. I’d love to hear what you think as I release the first pieces of content and begin to truly understand the void that needs to be filled.

Thanks for taking the time to read! Stay safe!



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