Happy New Year!

Hello again!

As far as new years go, I can personally say that I feel the most positive about this one. 2017 really, really feels great already. There are things on the horizon that I couldn’t be more excited to share with you.

As of last week, I have legally formed the parent company,  Life Remedy, LLC, we have set numerous things in motion and have a clear vision of where it all begins.

The next step in this venture is to reach out to as many people as possible. The more people we reach, the more accurate our census will be and the closer we will be to making something that is truly helpful. Given that this is the hub for answered questions and conversation, I’ll share with you what we’re up to right now:

  • We are reaching out to other blogs, organizations, groups with similar interests and businesses to help get more insight and exposure.
  • We will have a visual representation of the app shortly for people to give feedback on.
  • We believe that giving back and donating to this cause is also very important so we are on the hunt for what might be the best fit for a donation center down the road. Any suggestions are MORE than welcome in the comments below.
  • We are hiring designers in the next couple weeks to get branding locked down. (the graphic above is temporary). Once that is created we will have more formal ways to contact everyone. If you’ve opted to stay updated about the app through the survey then we will be sending you a newsletter to remind you about the bi-weekly blog post and other ways to be included.

We value people’s input on all of these areas and we’re open to hearing what you have to say as we release things to you. Again, this app is for YOU. You should want to open it and look at it and use it and, most of all, it should improve the quality of your life.

The app will always be free. There will be things that you can pay for that really take your safety to the next level but everyone with a smartphone will be able to download the app ad-free and unrestricted to the most helpful parts of it.

What I’d really like to stress in this post is that the gears are in motion and if you sincerely believe in what we are trying to do here, that you help get in front of people that you know might benefit from it.

Here’s an article that I found really interesting. It forces you to think about how social media platforms are connected and how you may have more personal information out there than you think if you don’t take certain precautions.

Stay safe and don’t forget to take advantage of our new subscription methods below!

Over and out!



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