Let’s Find the Safe Zone

The online dating world can be a scary place.

   It’s easy for people to hide who they are both physically and internally. The guise of texting is often misleading and people even post fake photos of themselves, deluded by the idea that people will accept them for their personalities later(or whatever reason they justify it with). You add in all the anxiety and issues that go along with normal dating and things can be even more daunting.

   I’m Ryan Taylor and I’m starting a tool called Safe Zone. Kati Bicknell is a co-founder of Kindara and she shares my same desire to stare down the important issues and do something about them. Kindara has helped to give women a great sense of freedom and understanding over their bodies. She has had a great positive effect in the women’s fertility  area and is now joining forces with me to improve another area of people’s lives.

As we begin our journey there are many unknowns right now. Having said that, we are sure of some things we definitely do and don’t want. Our vision is not making something that makes a “fauxcall” to give you an excuse to leave a date. We don’t want a gimmick that gives you a false sense of security. We want to create a tool that provides an actual level of safety and peace of mind when you meet up with a stranger – simple as that. It will be a way to collect info about the situation at hand, contact people in need, monitor activity and create a social network catered exclusively to your safety. Our dream is something free/ accessible, something super simple to use, something mostly automated and something.. well.. right now.

   We have a lot of ideas for this but we need guidance along the way. We will be asking you to help us answer questions and pull from your own experiences. We want it to be raw and visceral and very telling of the realities of dating and the current struggles we all face. We will get to the core of it all and decide how we’re going to deal with this problem in a truly effective way.

This weekly blog will serve as several things for both you and us:

  • Feedback from you: Give us your positive reviews and your hate mail. We need to hear it all.
  • A community for you: Talk about your experiences as you are dating online. Share knowledge and good practices that have helped you.
  • A testbed: We need to test what we make and you will be the ones eventually using it. We are committed to making something that is simple to use and measurably effective.
  • Resources: In our posts we’ll be including articles we find, tips you can do to stay safer, resources that relate to your safety and pictures of really cute kittens from time to time.

To kick it all off, here’s a survey to help us get started that will take you no more than a minute. Plus, we’re randomly picking 2 people to each get a $50 gift card to H&M. So, hell yes to that.

Keep in mind that if you filled out our survey before, this is a new one with updated questions. If you filled out the 1st one only you are still in the running for the gift card and don’t need to take this one to be considered.


If you feel that this is an important issue to address like we do and you’d like to help us get it out there, please feel free to share it within your circle, groups you may be involved with that discuss these things and anywhere else you feel comfortable.

Stay safe and see you all next week!


Oh!, and here’s that adorable kitten:best-kitten-names-1


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